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Michał Rycaj

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Augustin Egurrola
This is genius! The level of difficulty of your performance is unimaginable, truly out of this world!

Agustin Egurrola, Poland’s Got Talent judge on Michał’s performance

Michał Rycaj



I've been training since 2005.

I’m a person that loves both sport and art, and it so happens that Freestyle Football is the perfect means for me to express myself combining the two. Freestyle is the adventure of my life, my biggest passion, and a spiritual journey. My main goal is not to win tournaments, but rather a constant, undisturbed improvement, discovery of the potential that lies in this sport, as well as sharing my talent with others. Sometimes my hard work just  happens to cause a pleasant side-effect in the form of a World Champion title. So far I have received three of those but by no means, however, do I treat them as the most valuable achievement of my career. Passing my knowledge on to the younger generation, and pure joy that comes from freestyle are the two things I find most precious in this journey.


                                              Freestyle Football Show

Michał’s shows of football tricks are on world-class level, and consistently leave the audience in awe, all thanks to an out-of-the-box mix of music and spectacular tricks. On top of that, the whole is spiced up with humorous elements and interaction with the spectators.

Each of Michał’s performances is characterized by a unique atmosphere and various kinds of tricks that make for a delicious feast of freestyle football for the audience.

Fun fact: Michał had composed the music for his shows on his own. The full process of designing and perfecting the choreography lasted 6 months! Today his performances are recognized worldwide, and by many Michał is considered the best freestyle football choreographer.

Duration: 3 to 5 minutes

Suggested number of performances during a single event: 1 to 3

The performances are a great addition to every option offered in the Event section

                                     Interaction with the Spectators

Do you want to provide your guests with interactive entertainment and ensure a friendly atmosphere during your event? Freestyle-football-themed interaction is the answer for a unique experience!

Carefully prepared programme of contests, mini workshops, and humoristic elements will get even the most demanding individuals moving. Participants will be able to try their best with football tricks, often to be surprised by their talents that need only a slight push to be awakened ☺ All of that takes place under Michał’s guidance.

 Duration: 5 to 30 minutes (depending on customer’s preferences)

Interaction works great with other options offered in the Event section

                                      Freestyle Football Workshops

Michał’s workshops are best of their kind available on the market. MichRyc is known as the best Freestyle coach in Poland thanks to his natural ability to combine both entertainment and skill development during his lessons.

If you want the participants of Your event to easily master new tricks in an enjoyable atmosphere then with Michał’s programme you’ll hit the jackpot.

Workshops can be held in both public and closed environments.

Duration: 30 to 120 minutes (depending on customer’s preferences)

Number of people taking part in a single session of workshop: 3 to 20

Workshops are a perfect match with the rest of the options offered in the Event section


                                          Motivational Speeches

A perfect choice for events for children and youth.

One of Michał’s life goals is to pass his knowledge on to the younger generation. As a teenager from a small town he’d faced many obstacles that he’d overcome to fulfill his dreams.

Michał’s speech is meant to inspire the listeners to believe in themselves no matter the circumstances. The lecture is based on Michał’s own experiences that portray highs and lows of his journey with Freestyle Football, as well as the fruits of his labor.

Duration: 5 to 20 minutes (depending on customer’s preferences)

Motivational speeches fit perfectly with the rest of the options offered in the Event section

                                                 The Fresh Duo

Three times World Champion and two times Semi-Finalist of Poland’s Got Talent, alongside a two times Europe Champion and Semi-Finalist of Poland’s Got Talent in a duo? Say no more! The Fresh Duo, that is Michał Rycaj and Łukasz Chwieduk, take their joint performances to levels out of this world ☺ Do you want to see what they’ve got? Click here

More about the Fresh Duo 

The Fresh Duo offer contains all of the options mentioned in the Event section


       Your Vision

Show in the style of a Football World Championship in Russia? A performance on top of a driving car? Choreography with a dancer? Not a problem. Michał is a professional in adjusting to the craziest of customers’ ideas!

 On-site Freestyle Football Academy

Do you want to become a Freestyler and train under the eye of three times World Champion? “MichRyc” Academy offers both group and individual lessons on Freestyle and Street Football. Participants have to be at least 8 years old. First class for free! Want to know more? Click here: www.akademiamichryc.com

        Choreography for You

One of its kind offer for enthusiasts of freestyle and players aiming to make a name for themselves in the world of football tricks performances.

Do you want to have your very own spectacular set of football tricks? Do you wish to make a career with such performances but lack the idea how to go about all of that? Do you wish for Your choreography to meet your clients’ and spectators’ expectations? Do you want to increase your market value as a freestyler? You’ve come to the right place. Invest in creating a professional choreography just for You!

We offer a complex process of designing a Freestyle Football choreography suited for skills and preferences of the client. The sets created by Michał are unique each time, and client is transferred full rights after its completion.

The offer consists of:

-Selection of music suited to client’s preferences or composing a new piece for the choreography

-Choreography creation suited to client’s skills that utilizes their personality strengths

-A series or a single session of choreography training with Michał

-A video copy of the choreography along with tips and advice

Questions? Contact us!

   A day with MichRyc

A perfect birthday gift or a surprise for a close one. Exclusive offer for Michał’s fans and Freestyle Football enthusiasts. Filled with great experiences, attractions, and inspiration the day with Michał will be a memorable time for every fan of football tricks.

The offer consists of:

-Training and fun with a football

-Lessons on Freestyle, philosophy, and Michał’s valuable pieces of advice

-Freestyle Football workshops suited to customer’s skills

-Photo session with Michał for client’s free use

-Recording a Freestyle Football video with Michał for client’s free use

-Gifting of a “MichRyc” t-shirt with client’s name/nickname signed by Michał

-Personalized training plan in an electronic form

Meeting duration: 2 to 8 hours (depending on customer’s preferences)

We are open to your ideas and suggestions concerning the meeting.



Michał has mastered a set of spectacular tricks specifically crafted for marketing campaigns. Owing to his experience in  TV advertisements he knows exactly how to position himself in a given scenario. In his career MichRyc has starred in a TV advertisement for Polish carrier Plus performing tricks… with a cellphone